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Professor Dr. Alper Muftuoglu; Dean of Faculty of Law and Deputy Chancellor of European University of Benelux (Kingdom of Benelux) signed a partnership and cooperation agreement with Professor Dr. Vasko Roman Vladimirovich; the President of Kyiv National Linguistic University (State University in Ukraine).



I avoid making any design or sketching prior to my works of art. This is because to hinder to do paintings dependent upon anything that could be easily explained. In addition to this, I prefer listening music while doing my paintings and try to avoid working in a place in where noise and images could affect me negatively. According to me, prior to each painting, there should not be anything that I could get any sense of it on a meaningless spot on the canvas so that I can reach my subconscious.

The spot that arouse my imagination and subconscious and does not have any meaning at the beginning or by following a figure and working with internal sudden decisions make me more enthusiastic. To be honest, I believe that the tripling of colour, spot and the structure composing the main dynamic of my works is nourished by this flame of enthusiasm.

Uncertainty, decoding messages of my subconscious, transforming them to the plastic meaning and the internal difficulty or excitement which I feel during this transformation are consuming passion with me.




Aphorisms 2018 - 2019

Kafka's aphorisms are fascinating glimpses into the lure and the enigma of the form itself.


In this serie, I follow my own aphorisms in the depths of my spirit.


Sometimes in the big world of an insect, sometimes in the small world of human being...


"All human errors stem from impatience, a premature breaking off of a methodical approach, an ostensible pinning down of an ostensible object."

Empathy 2018

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The Art Works here in Empathy Series refers to the mankind power on nature and human’s disingenuous approach of to the all other living creatures in nature.

I put myself into the place of the other owners of the World which we share out this Planet.
I have tried to see human beings with their eyes and wanted to understand and feel their reactions.
I, being a small part of this Planet, when trying to express my apologies, I also tried to transfer their visual images.
I have witnessed fear in their faces and eyes;  desperation in their hearts.
I am frightened, became deaf and being shot.
They had my skin out and used them as a garment but I didn’t tell my sorrow.
I became them.

Cosmos 2017

Everthing that exists in the life is with us, with questions…
Pushing the boundaries of our imagination world…
We, the little people of the great cosmos, 
could we open the doors of obscurity in our dream world
with the inspiration they maybe given us 
until we meet others in another space or planet?

Kafka and The Silk Road 2015 - 2017

It is quite painful to know that the silkworm grow out of its egg, ultimately spin cocoon like infinite sign(), fall into a deep sleep to become a butterfly and actually not able to aware of that this sleep is its own death.
This whole change, like Kafka's Metamorphosis, actually enables us to question life in itself.
Man, as part of the eternity is transforming when dreaming of eternal life and resist to death in some way.
Actually, maybe like a silkworm in a deep sleep, beware of death but hold on to life as if it is not exist,
Just at this point, connection between the West and the East, the great adventure of this little larva...
We live our lives as big as the world that we have built around us. And strangely our adventures coincide with this little bug.

The Silk Road is our meeting point, maybe.

In my opinion, everybody has their own wonderland. This series of paintings has traces from my wonderland.


During my childhood, before I learned how to read books, Alice in Wonderland made me realized to meet with a fantastic world. The heroes of this fantastic world have been friends for me for a long time. Alice, bunny, twins, etc. Sometimes I loved them very much, sometimes I was very scared with Alice and I was excited by the surprises.


But this world was a world of wonders, and of course everything could have been possible in there.

From The Wonderland 2013 - 2015

Spiral 2010 - 2013

Life is like a spiral. Sometimes stable, sometimes dynamic.

But every time it renews and creates itself...

İstanbul 2008 - 2010


City that breathes.

The city of kings, sultans and prince...

İstanbul that we hear voices from the harem walls of

Topkapı Palace, watch the Bosphorus from Galata Tower,

meet with Byzantine in mosaics of Hagia Sofia...

Freedom 2008

Breathing freely,

talking freely,

painting freely,

writing poetry freely,

running freely...

In brief  living freely...





  • KunstKijk 2018
    Stichting 't Centrum
    May 12, 2018, 11:00 AM – May 13, 2018, 5:00 PM
    Stichting 't Centrum, Weesmolenstraat 12, 3257 XM Ooltgensplaat, Netherlands
    During the Ascension weekend from 10 to 13 May, Goeree-Overflakkee is once again dominated by art. http://kunstkijk.com/
  • Metamorfose
    Honorair Consulaat-Generaal van Turkije
    May 22, 2017, 9:00 AM – Aug 01, 2017, 4:00 PM
    Honorair Consulaat-Generaal van Turkije, Kort Rapenburg 1, 2311 GC Leiden, Netherlands
    Vanaf mei is in het HCG Turkije de expositie ‘Metamorfose’ te zien van de Turkse kunstenares Yasemin Sözer. De expositie bestaat uit een tiental schilderijen geïnspireerd door de Zijde Route en Kafka.


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